Meet Becky

A client once commented to me that Becky Stillwell was the epitome of what a good Realtor should be:  honest, hardworking, organized, efficient and knowledgeable.  Becky thoroughly understands the ins and outs of residential real estate sales, and she especially enjoys working with first time buyers, who always seem to come back to her as seasoned homeowners ready to sell and purchase again. 

Becky has had a successful career in real estate for more than twenty years.  She is devoted to her family, her church (White Rock United Methodist Church in Little Forest Hills) and especially to her grandchildren.  They live in East Dallas, too, so you can often find Becky at their school events and extracurricular activities.   

Becky is also dedicated to serving our community through various volunteer organizations, non-profits and charities.  In fact, it was Becky who helped define DFW Community Realtors as a "giving" brokerage.  (Thank you, Becky!) 

What most people don't know about Becky is that she is adventuresome! Becky enjoys travel to places like Samoa to see her daughter, currently working for the Peace Corps.  Want to know more about Becky?    

Contact Becky


Cell: 214-707-1557