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The fact is, Realtors rely on the community for our livelihood.  Our schools, our churches, the businesses we frequent, the restaurants where we dine, our friends and neighbors are our source of income.  

It's knowing who we can rely on and what to expect from them that makes people go back time and again to any business. DFW Community Realtors also knows that a healthy, vibrant community is better for all of us!

And just as we rely on our community, we know the community should be able to rely on us.  DFW Community Realtors is a "giving brokerage".  Sharing with those who most need our help and support is part of our culture as individuals here, so we decided it would be a good fit for us as a brokerage, too.  Every time we close a transaction, we share a portion of our commission with selected local charities.  We have committed to support a new charity every season.  

In addition to the monetary donations we make as Realtors, we will host a fundraising event for each charity as well, and we invite you to join us!  

Mark your calendar for Saturday, April 27th for our kick-off fundraiser for 2019 to support Diapers, Etc.   We'll update with details very soon.  


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