If Sherry can't find it, it doesn't exist!  If she doesn't know about it, she'll find out.  Sherry is an educator at heart, and she spent many years in the secondary classroom to prove it!  More important, Sherry is a problem solver, a "get-er-done" kind of gal and a true advocate and fighter for her clients' best interests.   "Let's see how we can make this work." is a standard phrase of hers, and when her clients are up against a wall, she somehow always finds a way to make the impossible happen.  

Sherry is a native of East Texas and former teacher and Department Chair in the Garland School District.  Her experience as a licensed Realtor began in the early 80's (which, if you recall, was a difficult time in the industry!), so she's not easily deterred from any difficult scenario.  Recently, Sherry has become interested in the commercial side of real estate, too.  Either way, you will find her to be funny and hardworking -- with a heart of gold. 

Sherry enjoys travel, spending free time at the lake and helping care for her grandkids!  She and her husband enjoy ballroom dancing and during the holidays you might see them dressed as Mr. and Mrs. Santa as they spread holiday cheer visiting hospitals, organizations for children and senior citizens.   

Contact Sherry: 


Cell: 214-809-7722